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Corporate photography

When your organization is investing for an event e.g. to launch a new product, having a customer event or organizing an event for the employees, it is worthwhile to capture these moments and remind the people of the fun you had together by sharing images of that event.  By using the photos in the intranet, the website, magazines or any other communication channel, you will make sure that people will remember those events and the memories of these occasions will have a strong positive impact on them and on to your business.

Besides the important business facts that you have about your company on your website, visitors are also interested in what kind of people work for the company and what kind of work culture your organization has. With high quality photos you can make them feel the atmosphere that you have within the organization and what kind of people they will work with as partners or colleagues.

To discuss more about corporate related photo shoots (events, headshots, products) don’t hesitate to contact me.


Please be aware that I retain copyright for all the photos I have taken. If there are any images that you want to keep private, just let me know and I will respect your wishes.

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