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Things end. But memories last forever.

About Me


Great to have you here! Thank you for visiting my pages.

For those of you who haven’t met me before, here is an introduction to who I am and what I do. I have developed my passion to photography throughout the years and the most significant drive to develop myself more as a photographer was when our three children were born. Before having children, I used to work in the business world as a HR Consultant, having a MSc in Psychology. I feel that working with people and organizations and being a mother, have given me great experiences and skills in how to make the photo sessions relaxed, easy going and fun for both adults and children. In our current family situation I needed to find a work where I had flexibility in the working hours and naturally I wanted to do something that I really enjoy. Working as a freelance photographer gives me the joy of work of interacting with people and giving them memories that last. All very positive to me. I love it!

My home country is Finland. We have been living abroad since 2007.  We had a truly colorful and unforgettable life experience first in India for two years. After that we moved to Dubai. In Dubai I have used a lot of my time in studying photography online and attending workshops. Still I feel that the most I have learned from is  by doing. As I learned more I had  finally a chance to start to work as a freelancer. Photography is a area with endless challenges and new learning experiences-how great is that?! It has been an honor to meet so many wonderful people and families. I'm thankfull for these people for giving me the chance to capture the unique and happy moments of their lives or the hard work they have done on the corporate side or designing interiors.

I have focused in my work on families and children -, events -  and on interior photography. My work also includes product-, corporate- and journalistic photography. See services for more information.

When working with families and children I prefer lifestyle photography to capture more natural looks with laughter, joy, feelings, emotions and action. The same goes at events. I love to take candid shots and catching the emotions in the pictures. I think the best way to understand my style is just to scroll through my portfolio

Something personal and thanks…

All the thanks what I’m doing today goes to my loving husband . He gave me the chance to step out from the business life and to concentrate on photography. I couldn’t have done this without his continuous support. Also special thanks to my children for being so lovely and unique as they are.  I can't leave without mentioning my dear family back home. My parents and sister and her family, my brother and his wife. I appreciate all the support they have given me throughout the years. 

(Besides photography) I love my family, our dog Sniffy, my friends, my home country Finland, Dubai, challenges, Zumba, Yoga & Pilates, jogging with our dog, traveling, the sea, the beach, sailing, skiing, water skiing, sun, snow, bright blue sky, flowers, seashells, candles, mangoes, Thai food, Sushi, coffee, bubbly,   ...well to make it short: good LIFE!

Contact me to save your important moments of life-to keep the memories safe!

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